Previously tourism in Portugal focused mainly on the capital city, Lisbon and the Algarve region in the south.

In recent years the government has done more to promote the other regions in order to preserve the culture and to show tourists how much more Portugal has to offer. Portugal is a small country with hugely diverse regions, it is really the hidden gem of Europe.

Northern Portugal has higher rainfall than the middle and southern parts and is more mountainous. It is evergreen with natural beauty and old world charm.

Felgueiras is very important with its shoe producing factories where many of the good quality European shoes are manufactured. Where this was always a stopover for business, it has become more of a destination. Pombeiro in Felgueiras is ideal to use as a tranquil base from which to explore many wonderful places on daytrips.

Felgueiras falls on the Rota Romanico or the Roman Route as this is in the area where the Romans ruled centuries ago and left behind bridges, roads, aqueducts and other relics.

Paço de Pombeiro borders on the Mosteiro de Pombeiro, the Monastery of Santa Maria de Pombeiro, which has the remains of an aqueduct and roman road next to it and is a 10 minute walk away from a Roman bridge.

Places to see, festivals and daytrips from Paco de Pombeiro

Paço de Pombeiro borders on the Mosteiro de Pombeiro, the Monastery of Santa Maria de Pombeiro, which has the remains of an aqueduct and roman road next to it and is a 10 minute walk away from a Roman bridge.
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Paço de Pombeiro is located in Felgueiras (on the border of Guimaraes) which became a city only in 1990. Felgueiras is well known for its textiles, shoe factories and the famous vinho verde or green wine which is produced in this area.


Guimarães (14km or 20 minutes from Paco de Pombeiro) is the birthplace of Portugal because Afonso Henriques, the first king of Portugal, was born here. The historical centre in the area within the Guimaraes city walls, is associated with the formation and identity of Portugal and is a World Heritage site. The old city has courtyards with restaurants and it transports you to another time and place when you visit.


Vizela (9km or 15 minutes from Paco de Pombeiro) is a spa town in a landscape of tall, coniferous hills capped with granite outcrops. The mineral-rich hot springs was first used by the Romans. The hot springs are still served by a luxury spa hotel.There are many little wonderful sights here such as a Roman bridge which crosses the Vizela River on the roman road from Braga to Amarante, the Sao Bento das Peras look-out point etc


Braga (52km or 40 minutes from Paco de Pombeiro) is the third biggest city in Portugal with a vast cultural heritage. It is home to the Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was founded as a Roman city of Bracara Augusta in 16BC. It is a spectacular city with many viewing delights.


Porto (62,5km or 46 minutes from Paco de Pombeiro) is the second largest city in Portugal and city from which the country derived its name. It is well known for its Port wine, many bridges and ancient architecture as well as its gastronomy. The historic city centre is a UNESCO world heritage site.

Douro Valley

The Douro Valley (starts 3 hours away and ends in Porto) is beautiful and magical. This is where Port wine is made and sent from the quintas by boats to Porto (Vila Nova de Gaio) where it is aged and sold by the Port Houses. The Douro valley is a World Heritage Site and the oldest demarcated wine growing region in the world.

The Peneda-Gerês National Park

This park (51.6km or 70 minutes from Paco de Pombeiro) is also known as Gerês. It is located in the Viana do Castelo, Braga, and Vila Real Districts. The park has many waterfalls, roman relics, parts of a roman road, monasteries, shrines, forests, flowers, look-out points as well as wild horses.

Parque Aquatic Amarante

This park is located on the banks of the Tâmego River (26.4km or 25 minutes from Paco de Pombeiro), the Amarante Water Park (Parque Aquático Amarante) is one of Portugal’s best places for waterslides, pools and fun in the sun – it is a popular summertime day trip for families.

Magikland Penafiel

An amusement and water park (37km or 30 minutes from Paco de Pombeiro) for a target audience of up to 14 years of age. A lovely trip for young families.


Aveiro (90km or 80 minutes from Paco de Pombeiro) is also known as the Venice of Portugal, perched on the shores of a coastal lagoon with moliceiros (gondola like multi coloured traditional boats) cruising the city’s network of canals. Many of the old buildings are decorated with the traditional azulejo tiles.

Viana de Costelo

Viana de Costelo (99km or 70 minutes away) lies where the Limia River enters the Atlantic Ocean. It is a lovely historic city with the Praca da Republica, a 16th century park with Renaissance architecture. Behind the city looms the Mountain (Monte de Santa Luiza) which is reached by the longest funicular railway in Portugal. At the top is a majestic basilica as well as an Iron Age “castro” and panoramas to die for. The beach at Praia de Cabedelo is a gigantic untouched bay with golden sands.


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